Real estate registration to achieve the national “chess game”, the second half of the property market or continue to cool down.

On the first day of the Dragon Boat Festival , the relevant personage of the Ministry of natural resources revealed that the national unified real estate registration information management platform has been connected to the whole country , and the real estate registration system in China has entered the full operation stage.

People in the industry said that the real estate registration information network , on the one hand , is the basis of the unified and true natural resources registration work in China , and also the foundation for the establishment of long-term real estate mechanism in China.In the future , under the background of effectively finding out the actual situation of the market , regulation will be more targeted , and the long-term mechanism of real estate tax will also work smoothly.

“red May” reproduction volume increased by

In May , all over the country continued to adhere to the “house is used to live , not used to stir fry” position , constantly increase the control of the real estate market , more than 40 cities in the country have issued regulation policies to prevent the price of house prices rising rapidly

Liu Jianwei , Senior Statistician of the city division of the National Bureau of statistics , said the price of commodity housing in the first tier cities fell continuously , the second line cities rose , and the three line cities continued to fall.

According to the preliminary calculation , the sales prices of newly built and secondhand housing in 4 first cities in 70 large and medium-sized cities fell by 0.6% and 0.2% respectively , respectively , for 4 months and 3 months respectively , and the decline was 0.4 and 0.5 percentage points respectively compared with last month.The sales prices of newly built commercial and second-hand housing in 31 second tier cities rose by 5.4% and 4.4% respectively , or 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points respectively.The sales prices of new and second-hand houses in 35 three – line cities rose by 6% and 4.3% , respectively , by 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points , respectively , for 4 months and 10 months , respectively.

But from the point of view , there will be a rebound in the marketIn recent years , the National Bureau of statistics issued a statistical data on the changes in the sales price of commodity housing in May , showing that the sales prices of newly built and second-hand housing in the first tier cities are up 0.3% and 0.2% , respectively.Second tier cities , new commercial housing and second-hand housing sales prices rose by 0.9% and 0.8% , respectively.The sales price of newly built commercial and second-hand housing in the three tier cities rose by 0.7% and 0.6% respectively.

In the past Long Dragon Boat Festival holiday , due to the continuation of the “red May” , the property market transaction is also at a high level.Data show that two days before the Dragon Boat Festival this year , 16 days , 17 days , 17 , Guangzhou newly built commercial housing 426 sets , 369 sets , compared with the two days before the Dragon Boat Festival in 2017 130 sets and 78 sets , up 227.7% and 373% compared to the same year , Shanghai , the previous two , newly built commodity housing separately signed 278 sets , 122 sets , Shenzhen commodity housing sign. About 202 sets , also higher than the previous year

Zhang Dawei , director of the Central Plains real estate market , said that since April , the volume of major cities in the country has been steady and the supply has risen obviously , leading to the increase in the volume of most cities’ turnover and the rise of the market contract data.Under this influence , the market or continuing to go up in June

regulation continues to tighten second half or cool

In fact , in late May , due to the overheating of the real estate market in some cities , speculation was raised and the risk could not be ignored. The Ministry of housing and construction continued to insist on the unshakeable and unrelaxed real estate regulation objectives for two times.

Against this background , Tianjin issued relevant new policies , insisting on the continuity and stability of regulatory policies.Tianjin Land Administration Bureau said , “to strictly implement the real estate market regulation and control policy , strengthen the purchase of home buyers qualification examination , not in line with the regulation and regulation policy , do not deal with the related purchase procedures , resolutely curb speculation housing

In June 13th , the new deal issued by Jiaxing clearly pointed out that the real estate development enterprises should sell all the quasi sale houses within 10 days after the pre sale license of the commercial housing , which should not be divided , divided , stratified , and sold in batches.At the same time , it is pointed out that real estate development enterprises must not subscribe in any way before obtaining the pre-sale permit for commercial housing.

The relevant people of the Jiaxing Housing Security Bureau introduced a clear improvement of the management of pre sale license for commodity housing , a sound system of open sale of commodity housing , strict implementation of real name system of house purchase , prohibit price extra price , protection of the rights and interests of house purchase loans , and strengthening the supervision of pre sale funds for commercial housing.

In addition to the tightening of real estate regulation , the funds of real estate enterprises are also facing greater challenges.Since May , the pressure of housing enterprise funds has been highlighted. The financing report of the same policy institute shows that in May 2018 , the total financing amount of 40 typical listed companies was 45 billion 117 million yuan , which was 41.43% lower than 76 billion 912 million yuan in April , and the total amount of financing was the lowest since May 2017.The total amount of overseas financing decreased by 75.21% compared with 37 billion 612 million yuan in April.At the same time , the debt issuance of important sources of funds is also blockedSince May , more than 10 housing companies such as Hesheng Chuang exhibition and Fuli real estate have suspended the issuance of corporate bonds , with a total amount of more than 50 billion yuan.

In this regard , Zhang Dawei pointed out that there is no support for the real estate fever will not continue , once the market has shifted , housing enterprises should be alert to the risk of funds , careful layout.

Shen Xin , a researcher at Shanghai E-House Real Estate Research Institute , said that , overall ,Entering the second half of 2018 , as developers face increasingly tight capital , it is estimated that the two digit growth rate of real estate development investment will be difficult to sustain.It is expected that the subsequent curve will fall backThe end of the year fell to about 4%At the same time , under the influence of weakening sales , it is expected that the new construction area will fall slightly.The year-on-year increase of about 2%

national “chess game” long term mechanism to accelerate the establishment of

The latest news from the Ministry of natural resources claims that the national unified real estate registration information management platform has been connected to the national network. China’s real estate registration system has entered the overall operation stage , which means that the unified registration of real real estate is a national “chess game”.

Wang Guanghua , Vice Minister of the Ministry of natural resources , introduced the “difficult” problems in the registration of real estate in some places. Recently , the Ministry of natural resources has deployed the special renovation of the style of the real estate registration window throughout the country.He pointed out that since the implementation of real estate registration , 303 cases of illegal and illegal registration have been found in the country , and the state land inspectors have found in recent years that some places for public welfare roads , parks , public facilities , such as public welfare roads , public facilities , etc. , have been found in the supervision of the country in recent years. In some places , some places and third people are evil. Italy collusion violation registration , disclosure of registration information

The latest survey of the Ministry of natural resources shows that at present , 3001 real estate registration offices and 38 thousand windows have been set up in 335 cities and 2853 counties in the country , and the average number of more than 80 thousand frontline registration staff is to provide real estate registration services for about 300000 enterprises and the masses on an average day.

In fact , the registration of real estate in China has already started.In 2014 , with the approval of the Central Committee , the Ministry of land and resources adjusted the establishment of a real estate registration center.By the end of 2015 , 335 cities and counties in the country and 2789 counties and cities had completed the integration of real estate registration responsibilities , accounting for 100% and 98% respectively.At the same time , in 2016 , unified registration system for real estate registration was implemented at the grass-roots level.

Insiders said that real estate information networking will provide basic support for the development of real estate tax.”Although this stage does not mean that property tax will be introduced immediately , it will provide effective data support for the formulation and implementation of China’s regulatory policies.

Taking Shenyang as an example , the two departments do not need to repeat the natural information of the applicant , the agreement of the co owners and the purchase of the real estate for the two departments to carry out the registration of real estate and the collection of tax collection.

“Real estate tax or acceleration on the agenda”The above persons said that besides the real estate legislation , several basic conditions have been effectively promoted.First , the real estate information networking; first , the reform of the state tax collection and management system has entered a new stage.Recently , according to the decision of the Party Central Committee and the State Council on the reform of the tax collection and management system of the state tax and land tax , the national tax bureau and the land tax bureau of all the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and the land tax bureau are consolidated and listed , marking the key step of the reform of the state tax and land tax collection and management system.

Ji’nan, Shandong: bringing free professionals into the housing provident fund deposit area

In order to expand the coverage of the provident fund system and support more groups to improve the basic housing conditions through the deposit and use of provident fund , the Ji’nan housing provident fund management center recently issued the “management method for the use of the housing provident fund for freelancers in Ji’nan” , which will bring the freelancers into the housing accumulation fund.In the future , freelance buyers can apply for housing provident fund loans in accordance with relevant regulations , so as to enjoy the benefits of provident fund loans.

Ji’nan City stipulates that there are no labor relations with the units stipulated in the housing provident fund management regulations and 18 years old , men are under 60 years of age , women are under 55 years old , people who pay social insurance normally in Ji’nan , voluntarily fulfil their housing provident fund obligations , and comply with the freelance regulations of housing provident fund management. In accordance with the principle of voluntariness , we should apply for the establishment of a personal housing provident fund account and deposit housing provident fund.

Ji’nan is clear that the freelancer should pay the monthly average income for the last year as the basis for the monthly deposit of the freelancer.Personal declaration of deposit base of more than 10 thousand yuan (including 10 thousand yuan) need to provide personal pay duty certificate.The monthly deposit base must not be lower than the minimum base of the annual monthly payment published by the Ji’nan housing provident fund management center. It must not be higher than the highest contribution base of the Ji’nan housing provident fund management center in the year of the year.The proportion of payment shall not be less than 10% , not more than 24%The monthly deposit amount of housing provident fund is equal to the monthly deposit base multiplied by the deposit ratio.The monthly deposit base and deposit ratio can be adjusted according to the annual remittance of provident fund.

Ji’nan City stipulates that the freelancer who has deposited the housing provident fund can apply for the housing provident fund loan when it is in accordance with the regulations of the management of Ji’nan’s personal housing provident fund loan.

It is understood that the “Ji’nan free occupation housing provident fund deposit and use management measures” will be implemented in July 16 , 2018.

New deal in Beijing: closed property management for non Beijing talents

In order to optimize the business environment and service the development of talents , the city housing and rural construction commission , the municipal talents office , the municipal development and Reform Commission , the Municipal Finance Bureau , the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau and the municipal planning and Land Commission jointly drafted the opinion on the optimization of housing support policy services to ensure the development of talents (hereinafter referred to as “opinion”). Soliciting public opinion from society

In accordance with the “notice on strengthening the construction and management of public rental housing in this city” (No. 61 of Beijing political hair [2011]) and the provisional measures for the management of property right housing in Beijing (Beijing Construction Law [2017] 16) , such documents stipulate that the key functional areas and industrial parks can be used to raise public rental housing and share property rights housing , To solve the housing demand of imported talents and employment personnel in the park.In recent years , sixteen gardens , economic and technological development zones and some areas in the first district of Zhongguancun , combined with the needs of regional development and the direction of introduction , introduced the management methods of public rental housing and common property housing for talent supply , raised the housing source to solve the problems of the people in the field of living , and created a suitable business ring for the enterprise’s innovation and development. Environment has also promoted technological innovation and economic and social development.

In the spirit of deepening the reform of the system and mechanism of talent development , strengthening the construction of the national scientific and technological innovation center and optimizing the business environment , the central and Beijing city should give full play to the role of the talent’s strategic resources , further optimize the personnel service guarantee system , support the talents in the housing conditions , promote the innovation of science and technology , and promote the high level of innovation. The development of fine point industryAccording to the policy provisions of public rental housing and property right housing in the city , the municipal housing and Rural Construction Commission has drafted the advice of providing housing support to qualified personnel , and standardized and guided the work of human housing in each district (Park) , according to the policy of public rental housing and property right housing in the city.

The main contents of the “opinion” adhere to the position of “housing and living do not stir fried” , the implementation of the establishment of housing and housing system requirements , focusing on qualified personnel in housing and housing balance , in accordance with the “rental purchase , renting mainly , production city integration , employment balance” principle , in order to rent public rental housing , distribution of property rights housing for the main In the area of employment and entrepreneurship gathering , we need to raise housing resources to solve the living needs of talents.Public rental housing in accordance with the provisions of the organization and construction , housing , employment , and other conditions in line with the conditions of the area (Park) personnel for talent public rental housing requirements for the family and rent , by the professional operation and management agencies , park management agencies or professional enterprises owned operation , strict exit and supervision machine System to promote the recycling of the houseThe housing property right housing is organized and raised in accordance with the regulations. It is oriented to the distribution of talents and families in line with the requirements of the property rights housing in this city and in line with the requirements of employment.

Adhering to the principle of “focusing on the area and overall planning in the whole city” , the governments of all regions , in combination with the functional orientation , development direction and the needs of the introduction of the region , formulate the implementation policies of construction , application , distribution management and use supervision , so as to raise the supply of qualified personnel for the supply of qualified people.The municipal housing and urban construction commission shall co-ordinate the policy of supporting the city’s talent housing. According to the needs of the city’s talents , we should pool some of the housing resources into the municipal level to introduce talents.

Feedback approach: the relevant units and people from all walks of life , if they have opinions and suggestions , will be sent to the Beijing housing and Urban Construction Committee by fax or e-mail before 17:00 on June 22 , 2018.

Rising house prices, declining inventories signs of a rebound in the housing market

Although there has been no sharp rise , the slow rise of housing prices is continuing.In view of the comprehensive multiparty data , in May this year , real estate sales data rebounded , inventory area continued to decline , the 1234 line city’s real estate market is still active.Experts believe that the phenomenon of rising property market , the possibility of rising prices in the second tier cities in the future , the three or four line cities will face inventory pressure.

70 most of the cities are rising by

As the first tier city of the property market vane , especially in Beijing , real estate data in May showed signs of warming.

The chain house property intermediary near Chaoyang City of Chaoyang , Beijing , told China and new longitude and weft client that the number of stores in the near future increased significantly , the volume of second-hand housing has increased , and some owners began to raise the price slightly.

I love my home market research institute statistics show that in May 2018 Beijing city used a total of 18096 sets of second-hand housing , rose 67.5% last year in May last year , the ring increased by 32.3% in April of this year , this is the first time after March 2017 with the same ring rise , a new high for 14 months.

Price , the National Bureau of statistics data show that Beijing in May second-hand housing sales price rose 0.3% , still lower than last year’s same periodIn terms of new commercial housing , Beijing has also risen by 0.2%.

Overall , the housing market fever has begun to appear in many cities.The sales price changes of 70 large and medium cities in May , published by the National Bureau of statistics , showed that the sales prices of newly built residential houses in 61 cities rose in total , more than in the previous months.

123 line cities new housing and second-hand housing prices have risen.According to the National Bureau of statistics , the sales prices of newly built and secondhand residential houses in the first tier cities rose by 0.3% and 0.2% respectively , while second line cities rose 0.9% and 0.8% respectively , while three line cities rose 0.7% and 0.6% respectively.

On the same period , first line cities were still lower than the same period last year , but there was a significant rise in the two or three line cities , of which new houses and second-hand houses in second line cities in May were all increased.The sales prices of newly built commercial and second-hand housing in 31 second tier cities rose by 5.4% and 4.4% respectively , or 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points respectively.The sales prices of new and second-hand houses in 35 three – line cities rose by 6% and 4.3% , respectively , by 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points , respectively , for 4 months and 10 months , respectively.

Yan Yuejin , director of research at the center of a residential Research Institute , said to the client of China and new longitude: “the current rate of growth of the three types of cities is rising. This shows that after the recent rise in the transaction , the prices of all kinds of cities are obviously warming up.

The expansion of housing prices in second tier cities is related to the weakening of regulation effect , talent introduction policy and Yaohao policy.”Over the past 1 years , intensive regulation policies have kept the market stable. But in recent 2 months , talent policies and Yaohao policies in some cities have weakened the effect of regulation and control.The implementation of the price limit policy for more than 2 years has also enlarged the space for profit making , resulting in an imbalance between supply and demand , resulting in rising prices in some cities.Zhang Dawei , chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real Estate Co. , Ltd.

sales of commercial housing increased by 20% , inventories continued to decline by

The heat is not only reflected in house prices , but also the area of commercial housing sales nationwide.China new latitude and longitude (WeChat public: jwview) , according to the data of the National Bureau of statistics , was calculated by the National Bureau of statistics. The sales area of commercial housing in May was 142 million 170 thousand square meters , although it was not as high as that in March , but the ring rose about 17.4% in April , up about 8% in May last year.In May , sales of commercial housing reached 12556 billion yuan , rising by about 18.2% , up 20.6% from the same period last year.

Zhang Dawei said the sales area of commodity housing was down 10 months after the same year period , and it rebounded again in May this year , and not only the sales situation , but the capital side and the real estate development boom index were all better than in April.

Zhang Dawei further explained that due to the relatively low area and amount of commercial housing sales in May 2017 , the increase in May this year was larger.On the other hand , May is the peak season for traditional sales , and it is also easy to increase trading volume.

Better sales data also led to a continuous decline in stock area.China’s 100 cities inventory report recently released by a residential research institute shows that China’s 100 cities’ housing stock market has dropped for the 34 consecutive month.By the end of May 2018 , the total volume of new commodity housing in 100 cities monitored by the Institute was 427 million 80 thousand square meters , the ring ratio was reduced by 1.6% , the year-on-year decrease was 8.2% , and the current inventory scale was equivalent to the March 2012 level , that is , the inventory scale fell to 6 years ago.

Yan Yuejin said , one or two , three or four line city inventory size has declined , this is related to “red May” market trading situation.From the year-on-year decline , the inventory of second tier cities is the biggest year-on-year decline , which can explain the recent phenomenon of rising prices in such cities.

From the national perspective , the commercial housing sale area is 560 million 100 thousand square meters at the end of 5 , which has dropped 100 million square meters compared with the same period last year.

Zhang Dawei said that the country’s real estate market stock has set a new 46 – month low , and the one or two and three or four line urban commodity housing inventory has been more fully removed , and many cities have been reduced to less than 12 months.

rising pressure still control or continue to overweight

The improvement of the real estate market’s heat also makes the regulation and control constantly overweight.Central Plains real estate research center data show that in 2018 1-5 months , the national real estate regulatory policy released as many as 159 times , an increase of 60% over 2017 1-5.Among them , more than 40 cities in May issued 50 regulatory policies , refresh the historical record.

Actively replenishment of inventory has also become a work in many areas.A data organization showed that in May 2018 , 300 cities in the country launched 104 million 310 thousand square meters of land area , an increase of 11% and an increase of 30% over the same period , 2373 , an increase of 15% , an increase of 16% over the same period.

However , the differentiation of the 123 line cities , the land supply area of the first tier cities decreased by 51% , the second tier cities rose by 8% , and the three cities rose by 14%.

Mr. Yang , the chief economist of shell looking for housing , said to China and the new longitude and latitude client (WeChat public number: jwview) that , although the supply of land is increasing , it is difficult to form a limited supply in the short term. The contradiction between supply and demand is still larger , and the new supply land is mainly concentrated in the three or four line city.In the future , with the gradual release of demand in the three or four line cities , these cities will face greater stock pressure , while there is still a possibility of rising house prices in the second line cities with less land supply.

In recent years , the financing situation of real estate enterprises is relatively tense , and many housing enterprises have suspended the issuance of corporate bonds.Data from the National Bureau of statistics showed that in the month of 1-5 , real estate development enterprises reached 62003 billion yuan , up 5.1% , up 3 percentage points from the 1-4 month , but still lower than the 9.9% of the same period last year.

Some agencies believe that part of the capital pressure housing prices will speed up the push plate , accelerate the return of capital , thereby stabilizing the housing price to a certain extent.Yang believes that real estate companies have more sources of capital , and that corporate debt financing is not enough to affect the whole market.

For the market outlook , Yan Yuejin said: “the new signs of rising housing prices are more obvious , the potential for rising momentum is still strong.In the case of “housing without frying” policy , it is expected that some three or four line cities in June will introduce policies including limited sale to further stabilize market prices and expectations.

Entering the new era of “effective supply” high-end residential products or entering the market

Recently , the real estate regulation and control policy has entered a new stage.On the one hand , policies generally emphasize continuing to curb irrational demand , and on the other hand focus on regulating supply market.Industry analysts believe that the property market will enter the new period of increasing “effective supply” , and in the future trend of policy change , not only restrictive measures such as limited purchase , limited sale and limited loan , and many cities will enter the new period of replenishment and increase of supply.

policy tends to “increase effective supply”

At the beginning of May , the Ministry of housing and construction interviewed two municipal governments in Chengdu and Taiyuan on the regulation of the real estate market , emphasizing the need to adhere to the regulation targets of the real estate market , not to relax , and conscientiously implement the regulation targets of stable and stable rent , and to increase effective supply and develop small and medium-sized ordinary housing. Speculation and speculation to support and satisfy the rigid living needs of the masses.

In late May , the Ministry of housing and Construction issued the Circular of the Ministry of housing and urban construction on the further improvement of the regulation of the real estate market. It reiterated that the objectives of the real estate regulation and control should not be shaken and unrelaxed.

Subsequently , a number of cities issued a medium and long-term plan related to the real estate market.Among them , Beijing has launched a residential land supply plan for the next 5 years , and puts forward that the ratio of the price limit to the valuation price of the available housing in the limited room is not more than 85% , and the purchase is converted into property right housing , and the size of the property right housing is increased from the supply side.Shanghai issued the “13th Five-Year” plan for housing development in Shanghai , which greatly increased the scale of housing land supply and increased the supply of land for housing and rental housing.

Middle finger hospital responsible person analysis that the first tier cities housing supply structure characteristics have been very obvious.”At present , housing supply in Beijing , Shanghai and Shenzhen is basically reflected in the three point structure of 4:4:2.The main feature of this structure is to expand the proportion of policy support for housing and the proportion of rental housing.This structural change has greatly expanded the supply of housing that can meet the needs of middle and low end housing.

“This is a very important change. The concept of effective supply will permeate the housing supply side reform of all cities in the future ,” the person pointed out.From the enterprise level , we should start to pay attention to what changes and impacts will be brought to the future market business after increasing effective supply.The opportunity of enterprises should be transferred to the attention of housing supply side reform.

In June 12th , the latest “100 city housing inventory data” released by the Institute of real estate research showed that by the end of May 2018 , the newly approved new sale area of newly approved new commodity houses in 100 cities of the country was 44 million 820 thousand square meters , with a increase of 7.2% and 15.1% year-on-year.

“From the scale of inventory , the inventory scale of many provincial capital cities has been significantly lower than the same year on year , which is also the reason for the recent policy regulation of such cities.Yan Yuejin , director of research at the center for think-tank at the Institute of Yi – Ju , said , in general , the pace of the house enterprise push in May has accelerated , which helps homebuyers get more opportunities to choose a house.

market supply “structural matching”

According to the data of Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Institute , the supply of commercial housing market in Beijing began to increase significantly in June.There are 4 limited price housing projects in the 10 new entries , including Ying Hai Fu , Jin and he , Xu Huicheng , Xi Yue Lin , etc.

“Overall , within June , 10 projects in the new market are expected to increase the supply of 3000 sets of markets , and this data is expected to refresh the supply record in recent months.”Zhang Dawei , chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate , believes that after the price fixing housing policy is clear , this part of the project is expected to accelerate the market and increase the market supply.It is estimated that starting from June , there will be a blowout of market supply , and there will be more than 20 thousand sets of short-term market listings.

“High end market , middle end support , low end guaranteed housing supply system has been proposed for many years”.The most important part of the structural change on the supply side of this round is to pay attention to the practice of “effective supply” and “structure matching”.

In Beijing , high-end villas , as scarce products , have always been an important part of Beijing’s housing market.Recently , a number of villa products such as Beijing manor , Vanke view villa and so on have entered the market one after another , bringing a new height to the high-end residential market.

Among them , the strict appointment system of Beijing manor has caused constant concern in the industry.According to analysts , behind the harsh tour threshold of the Beijing manor , it is a product of the top luxury villa and the high-end income class group.

In recent years , with the increasing development of the high-end income class and the deepening of people’s understanding of the mansion products , this class has put forward higher requirements for the quality of life , and tries to come out from the ordinary villa and constantly search for the living living of the top luxury house in the world in order to meet the constant state of life.

regional advantage achievement growth villas

Yan Yuejin told reporters that relative to the first quarter of the strict pre-sale permit control , some cities do have a “sluice gate” supply strategy.In addition , many housing enterprises from the perspective of half year sales target will also appropriately increase the chance of entering the market.

He believes that under such a background , market supply will be more secure in the two quarter , and the form of products will be more diversified.”For high-end residential market , product differentiation will further intensify.”Especially in the north , the upper , the broad , the deep cities and so on , will occupy the quite many villas and so on high-end residential product to welcome the centralized market opportunity.

In the early June , Vanke view villa , the twelve Eastern Garden demonstration area and the new concept villa &#183 , were first released.Vanke said that this is a continuation of the previous view of the villa “Peach Blossom Spring” theme demonstration area.Since 2013 , Beijing Vanke first villa project “view villa” landed in Shunyi Korea camp , 2017 Beijing Vanke chose Korea camp block again.

The main reason for choosing Korea battalion plate is that it belongs to the radiation area of the central villa area.After more than 20 years of development , the traditional meaning of the “central villa area” has completed the extension of the meaning and the geographical extension in the past , and the Korea camp has become one of the beneficiaries.

Relying on Wenyuhe waters , Korea battalion has a high quality natural environment of “three gardens and one lake”. It also shares the mature community supporting and educational resources in the central villas.Sun Ran , general manager of Vanke marketing center in Beijing , said that Guan Cheng villa also relies on the “future science city” as an important economic growth pole.”Beijing puts forward the center for future scientific and technological innovation , which is parallel to the center of political culture and international exchanges.In the planning of the three cities , the future science city will be the growth pole of Beijing as the center of science and technology innovation in the next 15-20 years , whether from the development potential or the location attribute.

Zhou Chu , marketing director of Beijing Wanke north , said , “the growth of the future science city , the northward extension of the Wangjing business district , the last opportunity of the central villa area , three shares of the villa district , which seem to be coincidental , but the coincidence is precisely the strong support of the choice of the times and the economic elements.”

May 61 cities housing prices rebounded more than the regulation or more policy

In June 15th , the National Bureau of statistics released statistical data on the change of commodity housing sales prices in 70 large and medium-sized cities in 2018 May.From 70 cities , housing prices in 61 cities have risen , prices in 2 cities are flat , and 7 cities are down.

In this regard , Liu Jianwei , Senior Statistician of the city division of the National Bureau of statistics , said that from the data , the price of first line urban commodity housing sales continued to decline , the second line cities rose , and the three line cities continued to fall.

Zhang Dawei , chief analyst at Zhongyuan Real estate , told the Securities Daily in an interview yesterday that in the peak season of real estate practices in May , housing prices in major cities in the country rebounded.The first tier cities are relatively stable , and this rebound is mainly concentrated in second tier cities.

According to the preliminary calculation , the sales prices of newly built and secondhand housing in 4 first cities in 70 large and medium-sized cities fell by 0.6% and 0.2% respectively , respectively , for 4 months and 3 months respectively , and the decline was 0.4 and 0.5 percentage points respectively compared with last month.The sales prices of newly built commercial and second-hand housing in 31 second tier cities rose by 5.4% and 4.4% respectively , or 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points respectively higher than in April.The sales prices of new and second-hand houses in 35 three – line cities rose by 6% and 4.3% , respectively , by 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points in April , respectively , for 4 months and 10 months , respectively.

From the link ratio , the sales prices of newly built commercial and second-hand housing in the first tier cities rose by 0.3% and 0.2% respectively.The sales price of newly built commercial and second-hand housing in second tier cities rose by 0.9% and 0.8% respectively.The sales price of newly built commercial and second-hand housing in the three tier cities rose by 0.7% and 0.6% respectively.

Yan Yuejin , director of research at the center for the think-tank of the Institute of Yi Ju , told the Securities Daily yesterday that Dandong was about the same as expected in the city where the house prices were rising , and it was a city that had risen too fast.For the Northeast market , this wave of inflation is obvious , and the possibility of tightening policy in the future is greater.

Zhang Dawei said that from the current market situation , the housing market regulation policy is continuing , and it is expected that the subsequent rise in housing prices will be suppressed.It is impossible to rule out the possibility of re issuing intensive control policies recently.

Guangxi launched third land surveys in an all-round way

China securities online news Xinhua News Agency June 17th news , the reporter learned from the the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region Department of land and resources , after the development of the third land survey and demonstration county construction , the organization of autonomous district training , Guangxi began to fully start the three tune work , clearly the use of farmland , garden land , woodland , grassland , aquaculture water and other fields of land use now Marking , quality and management attributes , thus laying the foundation for building a map of natural resources.

In 2017 12 , Guangxi issued the notice on the third land survey of the whole region , and coordinated the three adjustment work.

On the basis of the second land survey results , the three Guangxi tune is based on remote sensing , mapping , geographic information and Internet , and on the basis of remote sensing images , which are superior to the 1 meter resolution , and on the basis of the field survey of land , area and ownership of land , and fully master the arable land , garden land , woodland , grassland , water and water conservancy. Distribution and utilization of ground classAt the same time , we should establish a land survey database covering three levels of autonomous regions , cities and counties , and improve the networked management system shared by all levels.

The three tune will also mark the utilization status , quality and management attributes of cultivated land , garden land , woodland and grassland , and draw the bottom map of “one map” of natural resources , which will lay the foundation for the formation of superimposed water resources , grassland resources , forest resources and wetland resources and other natural resources.

According to the requirements , Guangxi counties (cities and districts) should carry out the overall urban land survey in July this year , complete the investigation of the 60% regions by the end of September , and complete the investigation task at the end of the year at the end of the year.

The real estate brokerage company in the industry change is still required to join the “dark warfare” mode.

[ summary ] takes Shanghai as the representative of the first tier cities into the stock housing era , the Internet is multidimensional to the industry and other factors , the real estate intermediary industry is once again pushed to the mouth of the wind , from the development pattern to the business model in a change.

In April 23rd , the chain family launched the “shell looking for housing” as the guide. After that , the 58 groups , Zhongyuan , Yi Ju and other institutions have launched initiatives.

In June 12th , the 58 group launched the “double core fidelity &#183” in Beijing.58 group , I love my family , Zhongyuan Real estate , twenty-first Century Real Estate China , Wanke property , Longhu crowns and other enterprises , vow to serve the users with real housing and integrity management; in June 13th , Zhongyuan group under the banner of intermediary business for the new brand “Shanghai original” opened; in June 14th , Yi Ju friends national store To break through 8000 stores , the chairman and President of easy to live in China , Zhou Xin reiterated that more important is the service and ability to integrate the resources of the platform.”We are not joining , but a coalition.”

The first tier cities , represented by Shanghai , are entering the age of stock housing , the Internet is multidimensional to the industry and other factors , the real estate intermediary industry is once again pushed to the mouth of the wind , from the development pattern to the business model in a change.

joined the “enclosure”

Peking University Guanghua a research report pointed out that the current stock market has reached 180 trillion yuan scale.In the course of development , intermediaries continue to compete in the field , joining the online and offline joint mode to bring forth new ideas.The big intermediary is a small and medium-sized intermediary as a “target” , hoping to achieve a certain degree of “alliance” by providing technical services.

Mr. Liu Tian &#26104 , vice president of China mainland China mainland and chief executive of Shanghai , said in an interview with the twenty-first Century economic reporter that there are three main types of franchisor in the market: the first is the “strong control” of the chain family , including the charge of joining , the fee of turning over , the transaction service fee of the POS machine and so on (nearly 13% transactions) Service fee) , also includes the 40% Commission discount point of the transaction chain home online , which is a comprehensive franchise mode that sells both ports and flop.

The other is the distribution mode of easy living rooms , and the amount of fee and margin is relatively low.But Liu Tian &#26104 thinks that the system provided by Yi Ju on secondhand is not particularly in line with the actual demand of the intermediary.Easy to live mainly through the first hand distribution to collect the difference between platform fees to achieve profitability.

The third mode is to provide basic services , which mainly refer to the companies that sell SaaS systems , such as Hao Fang Tong , Qiao Fang , Wukong and so on.They intervene in the industry by using the PC end operating system interface through brokers in small and medium-sized agencies.

Liu Tian 旸 introducing the original brand of Zhongyuan’s franchise brand is essentially a technology export enterprise that provides comprehensive information services for small and medium-sized intermediary enterprises.This comes from the experience and management mode , tools and business concepts accumulated by the Central Plains in the past 40 years.

The 58 group CEO Yao Jinbo stressed in the June 12th Conference , the 58 is to do the platform , and not to join , the online end , the platform is a core; the other is under the line , I love my home , the Central Plains Construction of real estate and other enterprises

The Central Plains want to refine all the service items needed for medium and small intermediaries to form a menu type of optional service.

Before the safe house CEO Johnson points out , in the second-hand housing market , want to eat in the entire industrial chain too difficult , the situation before the industry: Online – search , 58; line – chain home , Central Plains; Housing Finance – safe house , the most reasonableThe greatness of the chain family lies in completing the offline layout in more than 10 years , forming the advantage of “store people” and cultivating the community deeply. 58 , the advantage of search room lies in online traffic.These two kinds of companies complement each other in the market , so it is hard to say who will eat them.Nowadays , the industry changes caused by the role of service providers in intermediary industry may be related to the market.

In 2017 , search room closed 80% private stores , turned to “join mode” return line to do light assets , search room under the world second-hand house line stores are to join the expansion of the way to expand”Big intermediaries are in the way of joining the land.”An insider told the twenty-first Century economic reporter that different ways are different , for example , an easy house is a new house that wants to distribute a second-hand house in a second-hand house; the family is unique in the real house , the ACN cooperation network , and so on.

mode still needs to precipitate

Behind the joining of the major intermediaries is the decline of the secondary market.Take Shanghai as an example , Shanghai chain home data show that second-hand housing prices fell 0.3% in May , continuing downward trend.Although the second-hand housing market has picked up somewhat compared with April , it has remained at a relatively low level below 20 thousand sets for a long time , and the price of landlords has also been increasing.Comprehensive industry feedback , the cumulative decline in second-hand housing prices in Shanghai has exceeded 15%

But stakeholders said that the market changes did not cause significant impact on the chain owners.In 2017 , the chain family’s GMV still broke trillions. When the chain family set up the chain network 3 years ago , they began to join the chain. But at that time , the ability of “Fu” was still insufficient and needed to be settled.

At present , our country’s real estate brokerage market has no exclusive entrustment , there is no similar MLS sharing platform in the United States , no broker license , no insurance mechanism , etc.This leads to the formation of a franchise mechanism with Chinese characteristics.

As the geographical distance of transactions continues to extend and consumer behavior is increasingly online , only Internet based participation can maximize response to consumer demand and improve efficiency.

These people pointed out that the premium of service quality will be more prominent , and the above market changes all support the development trend of “joining”.

Liu Tian &#26104 , which points out that the intermediary industry has become “not too healthy” since it has been entered by a large number of capital , and the big intermediary is based on its own resources and advantages in the market , but some medium and small medium days are not so good. They are difficult to update production tools and resources by their own ability , leading to the gradual loss of competitiveness. And survivability , even some have to withdraw from the market

“This leads to a serious tendency of intermediary market and ecological imbalance.Liu Tian &#26104 thinks that what Central Plains has done is to integrate its own experience and do practical things for the industry.

The industry believes that the other major intermediaries are more likely to be a passive response to the chain’s reopening of the alliance.

Analysis of the above industry , the current major intermediary mode of joining compared with previous improvements , but there are still drawbacks.For example , the invariable cost of the “store man” of the chain family , in the case of the slump in the volume of trade and the decrease of the income , is very big in the financial cost. After the platform of the search room and 58 , it forms light assets , but it is difficult to connect the ground gas , while the second-hand house is a non standard product which is very earnest.”If Yao Jinbo can let the Central Plains join to support its offline part , of course , it will be ideal.Just how to distribute interest as a new problem

(source: twenty-first Century economic report Tang Shaokui)

“Price limit” project entry industry: project profit is 7%-8%

“price limit” era Housing enterprises change the traditional “profit logic”

Last weekend , the first batch of “restricted price” projects in Beijing entered the market , causing a lot of attention in the industry.Under the guidance of “housing without frying” , a large number of price limiting rooms are coming into the market , which will undoubtedly reduce the price rise , solve the contradiction between supply and demand , and play the role of structural adjustment.However , when the land is sold , the “limited price housing” project , which stipulates the price of future real estate projects , also sets higher requirements for the project operation ability of the housing enterprises.Under the new situation , the housing enterprises face a lot of new challenges

from snatching to

From the end of 2016 , Beijing’s first “limited price housing” plots entered the market , the real estate industry’s logic has quietly changed.Beijing land market has become a capital and “high price” stage , the “King” tide in 2014 , once profoundly changed the housing supply pattern of Beijing property market , so many industry people in 2015 called Beijing “the first year of the mansion.”Obviously , such a market situation makes the entire real estate industry fall into a state of irrationality.

Chen Yunfeng , Secretary General of the Chinese real estate manager alliance , recalled: “in 2015 , housing enterprises were generally in a state of land thirst , because of the slow pace of land transfer , resulting in the scarcity of land supply.

However , this situation has undergone a fundamental change as the market of “limited price housing” entered into the market at the end of 2016.A house company marketing director told reporters: “before 2017 , the enterprises generally paid more attention to the housing area and the construction and other indicators. Because the whole market is very good , people have higher expectations for the future , and some companies even feel that they can make profit anyway.Therefore , the result of bidding is acceptable.After 2017 , as the conditions of land transfer become increasingly harsh , we also see the determination and strength of government regulation and control , and it is expected to be stable. It may be more necessary to consider the problems of cost and profit for the housing enterprises.”This has also led to the cooling of the land market in Beijing , and even the situation of homestead filming.

People in the industry said that the profit of the general commodity housing project is about 15%-20% , but the “price limit room” is very difficult to profit from the cost of the house and enterprise.With the gradual refinement of the land transfer conditions , the housing prices in the market have changed in logic.

Zhuge , chief analyst Chen Lei , also pointed out: “since the price is limited , other conditions are becoming more mature and scientific.It is hard for developers to make profits through some “smart” , and only by strengthening operation and product creation can they achieve quick returns.Therefore , when we take the land , we will consider more about the transportation and life supporting of the block , rather than the simple residential area.And from the volume rate setting of “limited price room” , the volume rate of “limited room” community is stable between 1.8-2.0 , and the overall design is generally based on small high level.

compression cycle increase profit

For housing enterprises , a very realistic question is how to realize the profit of the “limited price housing” project.

“Generally speaking , there are such regulations in the industry , and the ordinary guarantee room is determined according to 3% of the thin profit. If the volume rate usually used in the” limited room “is calculated , the profit of the limited room project should be in the 7%-8%.”Yan Yuejin , director of the center for think-tank of Yi Ju Research Institute , said that the profit room of Beijing’s” limited price housing “is naturally small.

Yan Yuejin said that profit is the content that housing companies should take when they take the land.So from the profit point of view , it involves the development cycle compression and marketing cost compression.

Taking the Shunyi posterior Sha Yu block as an example , the land block is limited to 55 thousand yuan per square meter , with a building area of 65 thousand square meters (including residential , commercial and office) , which are all available for sale. The initial floor price of the block is about 27 thousand yuan per square meter , and the average sale price is not more than 55583 yuan / flat square meters (including full decoration expenses).If the transaction is started at the initial price , the enterprise will still have room for profit. If the price is calculated at the ceiling price of 50% , the floor price will exceed 40 thousand yuan / square meter.So the profit margin of enterprises will be reduced to 15 thousand yuan / square meter.

“General commercial housing Jianan cost 3800 yuan / square meter ,” price limit room “may be lower.”According to the data provided by Chen Lei , if the land price reaches the upper limit , the profit margin of Housing enterprises will be reduced to around 11 thousand yuan per square meter.Considering the cost of capital , this figure may go further down.But Chen Lei also said that the land market has been more rational , “limited price housing” plots to compete for the upper limit of the possibility of smaller.Under the premise of land rationing , although the profit space is limited , it still exists.

However , some industry insiders pointed out to reporters that the sales conditions of all the projects are already very harsh: “from a consumer point of view , the total price of 500 square meters is not low , and the first payment is enough to buy a residential project of about 120 square meters.”From the perspective of housing prices , it can only be self assured to do leasing.

test Housing Enterprise Performance

A brand house company project leader told reporters: “under the condition that all the conditions are in line with the government standards , the” limited room “project can maintain the positive profit even if qualified.”Even if a house company can save part of the material through large-scale procurement and process optimization , there is one other thing that is not going to go up ,” he revealed.

Therefore , the building of the “limited price housing” project is actually a test of the overall R & D and planning level of the developers.”If the overall flow of the project is already very mature , he does not need to spend a lot of time and cost to ask Party B to do these things , then he can save a portion of the money.”But if housing prices are weak in this area , every procedure he needs will cost more and the profits will be less ,” the official said.

Guo Yi , deputy general manager and chief analyst of the market development department of Siyuan real estate , also told reporters that the “limited room” project has put forward higher requirements for the developers’ operational capability.From now on , the “limited price housing” project basically does not make money in calculating the cost of capital.After the second half of 2017 , land prices gradually returned to rationality. There may be some space for such projects.

For developers , the “price limit” housing as long as reasonable or can be taken.Guo Yi told reporters that , on the one hand , it can be made from the product to make some difference. In addition , “the housing price limit , the commercial and office parts that can be sold for sale do not limit the price limit. This part still exists the possibility of profit.”In addition , according to the regular judgment , the underground parking space and the thousand person index can have a part of the sales revenue , of course , it is not enough to make up for the profit gap of the developer at high cost.

“Housing companies take the logic mainly depends on the” limited price room “land , and quickly generate cash flow.The cash can be quickly invested in the next project , resulting in new profits.This is the high turnover that everyone is emphasizing now.The quicker the turnaround , the lower the cost of capital , which is why many housing companies are studying the country garden.”Guo Yi told reporters

In addition , for housing prices , many times can not only consider the issue of profit.A central enterprise project leader said: “actually , the real estate enterprises not only take into account the problem of profit , but also consider the problems of brand and social responsibility.

This edition / new Beijing News reporter Chen Yuming

In May, more than 80% housing prices in 70 cities were rising, plus second tier cities.

The latest data show that in May , the average price of new homes in 70 large and medium-sized cities rose by 0.8% , rising speed , of which 63 cities were rising or flat in price.Second tier cities led by rising prices , regardless of the link or year-on-year data show an upward trend.Analysts expect some hot cities in the three quarter to be upgraded.

The State Bureau of Statistics announced yesterday that compared with April , there were 61 cities in the 70 large and medium-sized cities in May , 2 in the same level , and 7 in decline.From the price point of view , the average price of new houses in 70 cities in May increased from 0.57% last month to 0.8% , which is third consecutive months of recovery.

Yan Yuejin , research director of the center for think-tank at the Institute of Yi Ju , said May was the traditional peak season of the property market , the volume of hot cities was restored , and some high-end property was actively entering the market , which led to a rebound in prices.

Sub cities , the first tier cities relatively stable housing prices , but second tier cities rebound in prices.

Statistics from the Statistics Bureau showed that in May , the sales prices of newly built and secondhand residential houses in 31 second tier cities rose by 5.4% and 4.4% respectively , and the increase was 0.3 and 0.2 percentage points respectively compared with last month , and the sales prices of newly built and secondhand residential houses in second line cities rose 0.9% and 0.8% respectively.

Zhengzhou , Chengdu , Wuhan , Qingdao and other hot second tier cities are the biggest in housing prices , with Chengdu and Qingdao new houses rising by more than 2%.

The rise in the price is the activity of the transactionAccording to the data of the China Index Institute , in May , the transaction area of the first line and second line of urban commercial housing rose by 4% and 28% respectively , while the three line cities fell from the same year to year.

Mr. Xia Dan , a senior researcher at the financial research center , said that the real estate market transactions were active again , showing a rising volume of volume and price , which was related to the gradual improvement in the supply of a second line city.Beginning in the two quarter , the relaxation of the pre-sale licence control and the rapid turnover strategy of some developers in response to the tight capital chain led to a corresponding increase in the volume of push plates.

Second hand housing market is relatively limited by price limits , and data are more likely to reflect market trends.The latest figures show that second-hand housing prices fell back to the cities a year ago , only 7 cities fell in May , and the decline also narrowed.

The Ministry of housing has reaffirmed the unwavering and unrelaxing objectives of the real estate regulation , and made clear requirements for housing development planning , housing and land supply , capital control , market regulation , and the implementation of the main responsibility.

Zhan Yifan , a researcher at E-House Real Estate Research Institute , said that some hot cities are expected to have the possibility of upgrading regulation in the three quarter.