Limit purchase plus the market regulation drums

In May this year , a number of cities in China tightened the new regulation of the property market , including Guiyang , Chengdu and other cities.Industry experts said that this round of real estate market regulation is focusing on missing and patching the market , and the continuing increase in the future limit policy will continue , and the regulation policy of China’s property market will not be relaxed.

5 months to introduce new property market regulation

In May 5th of this year , the office of the Harbin Municipal People’s government issued the “notice on Further Strengthening the regulation of the real estate market” , which stipulates the implementation of regional limited sale policy. In the 6 districts of the main city area (Daoli District , Nangang District , daooutside District , Xiangfang District , bungalow district and Songbei) , the contract of the construction unit is cancelled. The right to cancel the record information shall be traded only after 3 years from the date of signing the contract.Commercial housing obtained through judicial decisions , donation and inheritance by direct relatives is not subject to the provisions of the preceding paragraph.

In May 14th , the Taiyuan Municipal People’s government issued the implementation opinion on strengthening the control of the real estate market , and proposed the implementation of the housing Limited purchase policy. It is impossible for the urban households with more than 2 sets of housing in the city of 2 sets (including 2 sets of cities) , with more than 1 sets of housing in the city of 1 (including 1 sets) , which can not be mentioned in this city. The non urban households of the city who have paid more than 1 years (or 6 months’ continuous payment of tax for 6 months) shall suspend the purchase of housing in the six districts of the municipality.

On the same day , Dandong and Guiyang also issued a new market regulation.Dandong explicitly stipulates the implementation of real estate control measures in restricted areas.The non local household registration personnel can go on the market after 2 years of signing a commercial housing sale contract and having obtained a non movable property certificate after signing a contract for the purchase of a newly built commodity housing in the restricted area.

The new deal in Guiyang belongs to the regulation of the regulation of the property marketGuiyang not only reaffirms not to transfer new commodity housing in 3 years , but also further tighten up the loan of provident fund , restrict the repeated application of the fund loan , and say that the “first payment” and “false mortgage” will be severely punished.

In May 15th , the limited purchase policy of Chengdu property market was upgraded. In the original “limit purchase order” , the target of housing limit purchase was adjusted from individual to family , and the new purchase of commodity housing or second-hand housing in the whole city must be transferred for 3 years.In addition , Chengdu has also issued a new rule of notary number sorting and selection , which provides that a family can only participate in one item at one time , and the person who defrauded the eligibility to buy a house does not accept the registration of the house for 3 years.

Yan Yuejin , director of research at the center of the think-tank of the Institute of Yi Ju , said , “before and after the May Day , the Ministry of housing and construction had interviewed several key cities on the regulation of the real estate market.”In the interview , the Ministry of housing emphasized once again that the goal of real estate regulation should not be wavered , and efforts should not be relaxed.In May , some of the cities interviewed were actively introducing more intensified regulation policies than last year.

Zhang Dawei , chief analyst of Zhongyuan Real estate , said: “from the point of view of regulating the distribution of cities , there have been obvious changes.In 2017 , the market regulation was mainly concentrated in the second tier cities.In 2018 , property market regulation gradually shifted to the three or four line. The cities that had not been regulated in the past were gradually upgrading the regulation policies.

‘s future property market regulation policy does not relax

For the future direction of the property market policy , Zhang Dawei analysis believes that this round of property market regulation , the main feature is to open sales Yaohao and other policies.From the policy content , the current round of regulation and control policy is a hot spot in cities.The 234 tier cities that continue to rise in price continue to join the list of restricted sales.

“The continued increase in the restriction policy will continue. The core reason is that some cities have to reduce speculative investment and buy houses.At present , more than 60 cities across the country have implemented the policy of restricted sale. It is expected that more housing prices will rise in the future and the city will implement this policy.Restricted sale for 5 years will become a standard for cities with excessive housing prices rising.

It is worth noting that , in recent years , the Ministry of housing and rural construction of China has issued a notice on the problems related to the regulation of the real estate market by the Ministry of housing and rural construction , reiterating that the target of real estate regulation and control will not move. Rocking and efforts are not relaxed , and put forward specific requirements for further improvement of real estate regulation and control.

Yan Yuejin said , “in the context of the recent rise in housing prices in some cities , the authorities stressed that the adjustment of the real estate regulation is unchanged , which helps to clarify the policy expectations and maintain the stability of the real estate market in our country.It is foreseeable that China’s property market regulation policy will not be relaxed in the future.

Visual data interpretation of New Zealand’s housing market dynamics in April 2018

In April 2018 , the average price of New Zealand rose 7.6% over the same period , and the average price reached 679 thousand New Zealand yuan , but in the past three months , the average price of New Zealand rose by only 1.1%.

The fastest growing areas of housing prices were Napier (17.6%) , Hastings (12.5%) and Invercargill (10.5%).Housing prices in Oakland rose by only 0.8% over the same period last year , and there was not much change in house prices after considering inflation. Christchurch’s housing prices fell year on year.

Please move the mouse to the origin of different regions to view the April housing price data report in different regions of New Zealand.

The higher the origin of , the higher the price , the lower the house price; the more red the origin color is , the bigger the year-on-year price increase , the more black it is , the smaller the increase.