First tier cities rent more than the general inflation more market rules for leasing market

< p > In July , the rents of the top ten cities in Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Tianjin , Wuhan , Chongqing , Nanjing , Hangzhou and Chengdu all rose from the previous month.Although the first and second tier cities are in the stage of rising rent , there are great differences in the increase. The rents of second line cities are all lower than 1% , and the rising level is not as good as the first tier cities.

< P > enters the second half of the year , along with the arrival of the peak season of the leasing market , many places begin to issue policies intensively , increase the supply of leasing , standardize the leasing market.Rents rose in some big cities , with the first tier cities increasing considerably.Since

7 , Beijing , Shenzhen , Wuhan , Chengdu and other places have issued relevant policies on the leasing market , including rental subsidies , housing supply , trading standards and many other aspects.

analysts point out that the two or three line cities , which are the first line cities with the stock market and the net inflow of a part of the population , are the necessary choice for building the housing system of multi-agent supply , multi-channel guarantee and renting and buying the housing leasing system in these cities.The rent of

first line cities rose faster than the

China Index Research Institute , in July , the rents from the ten major cities of Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Tianjin , Wuhan , Chongqing , Nanjing , Hangzhou and Chengdu were higher than last month.Compared with the same period , Beijing , Guangzhou , Tianjin , Wuhan and Hangzhou fell , and the rest of the cities rose , with the largest increase in Chengdu.

, director of the center for consultation and research , Zhang Hongwei , said the rising rent in major cities is related to the time point of the current summer period. A large number of graduates have made a large number of new rental demand in these cities; on the other hand , the housing prices have risen in different degrees in the hot cities in the past few years , and the rate of return on rents is the rate of return. In the long run , the rate of return on rent will rise to a certain extent.

it is worth noting that although the first and second tier cities are rentying up , the gains are quite different.

< P > According to the data of the China Association of Real Estate Industry , the rent of Beijing in the four first-tier cities reached 93 yuan per month in recent January.The rent in Shanghai reached 75.8 yuan / month &#183 , flat , rising 1.77%In addition , the rents in Shenzhen and Guangzhou also increased by 1.55% and 1.58% respectively.

< P > Wuhan , Hangzhou , Chengdu , Xi’an , Tianjin and other second-tier cities , rent increases are less than 1% , the rise level is less than the first-tier cities.

“in July , the market mainly reflected the summer vacation market , mainly by college students.”I love Hu Jinghui , the president of my home group research institute , to the twenty-first Century economic report that the contrast between the price rises in a second line city means that the frontline cities are still the direction of the gathering of graduates , such as college graduates.The renting demand and the relatively large rental market of

have also made the first tier cities and some second line cities entering the stock market , the largest rental housing supply , and the areas that regulate the most attempts to reform the rental market policy.

< P > According to the data of China Index Research Institute , there were 10 self-owned land transactions in 6 cities in July , with an area of about 163 ,000 square meters owned by enterprises.

< P > Specifically , four self-owned plots were traded in Shanghai , two of which were leased land , while two were traded in Tianjin , with self-owned proportions of 10% and 5% respectively.In addition , Jiaxing , Zhejiang , the first leasing site.

however , the development mode of such self-contained plots has not yet found the “optimal solution”.Hu Jinghui believes that there are no mature cases of self-support at present. On the one hand , the support power of the local government in the previous stage is insufficient , on the other hand , the transformation of traditional developers has not been in place.

multi-dimensional policy introduced

into the second half of 2018. Under the background of “rental and sale” , the policy of regulating the rental housing market has been introduced in various areas , including housing supply , market regulation , lease subsidy and so on.On July 11 , Wuhan Housing Administration promulgated the Interim Measures for the Guarantee of Public Rental Housing for Migrant Workers in Wuhan and asked for advice.This method points out that the eligible migrant workers can receive 240 yuan per month for rent subsidy , and the time of receiving subsidies is not more than 36 months , and the amount of the cumulative subsidy is not more than 8640 yuan per person.In July 31st , the Guangzhou document proposed to increase the access standard of the public rental housing income line and adjust the housing rental subsidy from 25 yuan per square meter to 30 yuan per square meter , and the family rent expenditure is 15% capping system.

housing supply , in July 12th , Foshan proposed a commercial and business office building that was built , built and stock before July 9 , 2018. It can be rebuilt as a rental housing.In July 18th , the land resources and housing administration of Tianjin issued the notice on strengthening the management of self holding rental housing for enterprises , which stipulates that the holding years of the self held rental housing are in accordance with the years of land leasing , and the single lease term of the foreign lease shall not exceed 10 years.In terms of

demand group , in July 31st , Beijing proposed that rental housing could be used to meet the housing needs of high-income groups.In Shenzhen , the new deal is introduced , and the coverage of public rental housing is brought into public rental housing by bus drivers , subway drivers , sanitation workers and other workers who provide basic public services , as well as the blue collar workers in advanced manufacturing industry , and the coverage of all kinds of talents and middle and low income citizens is increased.

and in other aspects of the trading process , new policies are also involved.Beijing issued a new model contract at the end of July , requiring the lessor not to unilaterally raise the rent within the lease termIn Wuhan , the lease term shall not exceed 20 years , and a series of specific support policies are put forward in terms of increasing the supply of rental housing , cultivating leasehold enterprises , and standardizing the management of rental housing.Chengdu issued a document to standardize the auction of land for the construction , decoration and management of rental housing.

< P > Xia Dan , senior researcher at the Financial Research Center of Bank of Communications , believes that the management of intermediaries must be strengthened in the process of regulating the rental market.

said that there are three main types of platform related problems in the rental market. One is to lift house prices. In this round of control , the expected management is a very important part. It is expected to manage the behavior of intermediary and development enterprises to lift house prices.The two is to assist the owner and the landlord in dealing with the contract of yin and Yang during the actual operation of the intermediary , to avoid the control of this kind of behavior , so that the policy has not reached the effect of the regulation and disrupts the market price.The three is the real harassment of the tenants by the black agentHu Jinghui pointed out that in order to realize the scale of the rental market , we should first promote the legislation of housing rental and change the status quo of the absence of superordinate law.Second , we should increase support and assistance to large and standardized intermediaries to prevent bad money from banning good money.In the end , incentives and accountability measures should be taken to enhance the power of local governments to launch rental housing land , collective construction land used as rental housing , and increase the supply of rental housing.

Experts: tighten the liquidity of the property market


2018 , central and local governments have issued a number of policies to curb speculative speculation.Under the multi-round regulation and control , the property market in Xiamen , Beijing , Shanghai and other places with high house prices has achieved initial results , especially in the second-hand housing market , which has experienced a substantial decline.In August 8th , Chengdu and Hangzhou followed up the new regulations of the property market , focusing on fighting speculative speculation and rectifying the real estate chaos.The industry predicts that market liquidity will continue to tighten under the policy of high pressure , and the expected rise in house prices will be significantly weakened.At the same time , the enthusiasm of the housing enterprises in the three or four line cities is decreasing , and the single industrial structure and the continuous outflow of the population will become the risk factors for the three or four line urban real estate market.In addition , affected by the policy , the real estate financing environment is more stringent.At present , the major housing enterprises begin to expand diversified financing channels , among which ABS financing has become an important channel.(Bao Fangming)

< p > < strong >

< p > industry insiders pointed out that the property market is expected to change , multi-city house prices will enter a downward channelFrom the government’s point of view , prices are not expected to rise , but they can not be plunged.With the extrusion of the housing bubble , the policy hopes that the funds will flow to the real economy and revitalize the industry , thus supporting the existing housing price system.

“resolutely curb the rise in house prices” , in July 31st , the Central Political Bureau said that the property market regulation and control , this statement and the March 2017 government work report , “to curb the rapid rise in house prices” less “too fast” two words , more “resolute” two words.Such a slight difference in expression becomes the watershed of the new round of regulation and control of the property market.

< P > On August 7 , the Ministry of Housing and Construction convened a real estate symposium to implement the spirit of the central government and to hold cities accountable for poor housing price control

from the local and urban level , in July 31st , Shenzhen issued the most stringent new deal in the front-line property market and fired the first shot.In August 8th , Chengdu and Hangzhou followed up the new regulations of the property market , focusing on fighting speculative speculation and rectifying the real estate chaos.

< P > under the multi-round regulation and control , the property market in Xiamen , Beijing , Shanghai and other places with high house prices has been in a downturn , especially the second-hand housing market , which has experienced a substantial decline.

insiders pointed out that the property market is expected to change , multi city housing prices will fall into the channel.From the government’s point of view , prices are not expected to rise , but they can not be plunged.With the extrusion of the housing bubble , the policy hopes that the funds will flow to the real economy and revitalize the industry , thus supporting the existing housing price system.

overall block the property market speculation for

2018 years , China’s monetary policy has been in a fine tuning state , since the beginning of the year three orienteering , combined with MLF to achieve liquidity delivery , monetary easing is expected to increase

to prevent the central bank’s newly released 500 billion liquidity into the property market and the risk of expanding the housing bubble , the Central Committee has put forward a resolute curb on the rise in house prices.

previously , the real estate multi round regulation has a marginal diminishing effect.Statistics from the National Bureau of statistics show that by the end of June 2018 , the 70 cities’ new commodity housing price index has been rising for 37 months in a row , the first tier cities are strictly enforcing the price limit policy , the price increase is relatively small , and the highest ring ratio is up 0.63%.

is affected by the war of talent grabbing since 2018. The rise of housing prices in many second tier cities is highlighted.According to Ke Rui statistics , the second tier cities rose steadily in the past 5 months , rising by 1.4% in June 2018.

< P > Poly Real Estate Research Institute believes that the central position reflects the government’s resolute attitude to the regulation of housing prices , and resolutely refuses to allow funds to enter the real estate industry.At the same time , it can dredge monetary liquidity to the real economy , restore the credit environment , and hedge the downside risks of the economy.

< P > Zhang Dawei , chief analyst of Central Plains Real Estate , believes that after the central position , the property market regulation and control into the Deepwater area , the local policy will continue to be stricter and stricter.

7 31 , in the face of rising property market , Shenzhen announced a suspension of the purchase of enterprises , the new purchase of the Residence Du Commerce for 5 years , the new housing for the sale of 3 years , the divorce and the purchase of the new purchase of the new deal , sniping speculative investment , blocking the liquidity of the property market.Many

insiders predict that the action of this sniper investment will continue to spread to the cities , not only for individual buying and controlling , but also in many cities to restrict the purchase of enterprises , and to completely block the possibility of investing in houses.

< P > The suspension of housing purchases by enterprises and institutions is likely to continue to spread to many cities , helping to alleviate this pressure in cities with tight supply and demand structure.Restrictive measures already implemented in Shenzhen , Shanghai , Hangzhou , Changsha and Xi’an to restrict the purchase of property by enterprises will replicate the large probability to more cities.

in addition , the Ministry of housing has launched inspections in 30 cities , and all kinds of random inspections have become the main features of the property market regulation in July.

8 ,

8 , 8 , the eight Department jointly renovate the real estate market , focusing on speculative housing , false information release and the illegal behavior of Housing enterprises and intermediaries. On the same day , the 11 Department of Chengdu jointly carried out the real estate market order special rectification action

Zhang Dawei expects that the market regulation will exceed the first half of the year in the second half of the year.It is expected that the regulatory policy of the upgrading of the property market will continue to emerge , and the policy supervision from the Ministry of housing and other departments will be the main feature of the market in the second half of the year , and the smooth market will gradually emerge under the impetus of the policy.

price adjustment when the

regulation of a wheel hit , as the last two or three years of the property market in Xiamen , the recent decline in housing prices , land prices caused concern

, according to the Central Plains real estate data , the new housing prices in Xiamen are still at the highest level in history , up 52.9% in 2015 , but second-hand housing decreased by 14% compared to October 2016 and 2017 7-8 months , and the premium rate of land prices was obviously downgraded.

another wind vane Beijing , due to the low supply of new premises , the transaction concentrated in the second-hand housing market.Crewe data show that the first half of the second-hand housing transactions accounted for 5/6 , the volume of second-hand housing transactions in June although a slight decline , but still at a high levelPrices were stable in the first half of the year , but prices fell slightly in June when prices were hit by price limits.

inhabit Research Report showed that housing prices in the ring and deep regions in the first half of the year were relatively low , which was related to the relative severity of such urban policies and the reduction of housing bubbles.

, however , Zhang Dawei believes that these are only cases. There are still few cities in the country where housing prices are down , only some areas.He believes that before these cities , prices rose too fast and too high , exceeding the demand of the market.In the study of the deviation ratio of the 80 cities’ housing price to income ratio , 54 of the

cities are positive.Yang Xuhong , vice president of Yi Ju Research Institute , said that 54 cities had different sizes of housing prices.

on the other hand , strict regulation , tighter credit policy , the price limit of commodity houses and the provision of limited price policy housing make the market price and expectation of housing change.

Bank of China International Research Report shows that market liquidity continues to tighten under the policy of high pressure , and housing prices are expected to weaken significantly.Yan Yuejin , director of

Housing Research Institute , said that the price of housing has dropped a little under regulation , and some enterprises are under pressure.For example , many industrial enterprises originally put money into the property market. If the property market falls , it will involve such entities.

fundamentally speaking , if the real estate industry is not performing well , the real estate market will be affected in the short run and medium to long term.In the short term , the liquidity of the property market is blocked , and many cities , especially some trade related industries in the southeast coast , will be less supportive of the property market.And in the medium to long term , the real economy is bad , the income is decreasing , and the housing consumption of residents will also be sluggish.

Yan Yuejin believes that housing prices will enter the consolidation period in the future.The downward force lies in the non inflation of the policy , the supervision of the real estate of the Ministry of housing and other departments , and the upward force is that the pace of the advance sale of the high-end property is accelerating , which will form a hindrance or pulling effect on the house price.

How to dissolve the aged anxiety disorder?

recently , there are media reports , intended to supplement the traditional Chinese old-age financial products , old people’s housing reverse mortgage pension insurance , that is , “housing pension insurance” , will be expanded from the current pilot to the national scope.

endowment is the sensitive area of people’s livelihood , and the house is upgraded to a business related to “body” and “life”.In July 1 , 2014 , the CIRC officially launched an elderly housing reverse mortgage pension insurance pilot in Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou and Wuhan , which meant that the insurance version was officially opened by the house for the aged.”Housing for the aged” originated in the United States in the 60s of last century , which was later popularized to many developed countries , but this business model has not been popular between the two sides in China.

“housing endowment” encountered in China’s acclimatization , both congenital inconsistency and lack of nurture.In China , home-based pension is still the mainstream pension mode , and the concept of “raising children to prevent the elderly” is deeply rooted , and it is difficult to be shaken in a short time.At the same time , “raising children and preventing the old” penetrates the family property inheritance level , and takes the real estate mortgage as the old age pension source , which needs the understanding and consensus among the entire family.Compared with the traditional way of thinking ,

price fluctuation is a more realistic problem.In the pilot cities , there are almost all the psychological expectations of rising house prices in the pilot cities. It is not in line with the most basic investment income logic that the real right of the expected future will be replaced by the investor’s investment decision.

this creates a state of neither supply nor demand.”Housing endowment” both sides feel that participation does not seem to be cost-effective.Old people worry that they won’t live long enough to be worth it. Insurance companies worry about life expectancy , moral hazard and falling house prices.There are so many uncertainties in the eyes of insurance companies that there is no clear algorithm for how to calculate the value of a property , how to determine property rights , and how long a person’s life span is.Coupled with legal and regulatory policy vacuum , this transaction has not been accepted by mainstream pension groups.On the one hand ,

is difficult to grow with the housing endowment , while the other is the objective existence of market vacuum.In China’s current pension security system , apart from the financial social security system , it is a family mutual assistance model of “raising children and preventing the elderly”Both have limitations , but they are hard to be replaced by the third.Now , the news that the pension is tight is frequently exposed. The family structure of the four young couples is becoming more and more solidified and the trend of aging society deepens. In addition to the government’s old-age and self-help old-age support , the market is urgently needed to supplement the mature and effective old-age means.

this supplementary old-age security needs to be filled from commercial strength and further optimized by means of marketization.But we need more policy makers before we get the recognition of consumers.The effect of the United States’ first visit to the old house is not so satisfactory , mainly because of the long life expectancy of the elderly , and the bank is worried that the cost of living more than the value of the mortgage is unwilling to join.Since then , the government has stepped in to pay more than the loan amount , and the acceptance has been raised.The role of the government is to fill the position , to solve the confusion of property value and the tangled property rights , and the supervision measures are matched to the ground. It is related to how to add firewood to the “house for the aged” , and the market for the aged can break the ice.

Seven ministries and commissions jointly tackle real estate chaos the two provincial capital cities respond on the same day.

6 28 , the Ministry of housing and other 7 ministries jointly issued a document , will start in 30 cities to control the real estate market chaos special action.According to the incomplete statistics of the client of China and new warp and weft , more than 40 days , 30 city has been in Foshan , Guangzhou , Lanzhou , Kunming , Hefei , Wuxi , Shenzhen , Ningbo , Wuhan , Chengdu , Hangzhou and other cities in response; only in August 8th , there are Chengdu and Hangzhou two provincial capital cities , will carry out the real estate market order special regulation action.

seven ministries and commissions to lift the property market rectification storm 30 cities , such as North and Guangzhou , and other cities were named

seven ministries and commissions issued a joint issue of “in some cities to combat infringing the interests of the masses against the violation of the interests of the real estate market chaos special action to control the real estate market” (hereinafter referred to as “the notice”)The announcement pointed out that the 30 cities , including Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Tianjin , Nanjing , Suzhou , Wuxi , Hangzhou , Hefei , Fuzhou , were launched to deal with the real estate market. Taiyuan , Haikou , Ningbo , Yichang , Harbin , Changchun , Lanzhou and Guiyang

the focus of this special action includes four aspects: speculation house , real estate “black intermediary” , illegal real estate development enterprise and false real estate advertisement , and so on.

one is to combat the control of house rent , cover up the sale , fabricate the false information , make the false information , carry out the house price , and provide “the violation of the violation”.

two is a “black intermediary” to strike violent expulsion of tenants , binding charges , yin and Yang contracts , coercive agency services , invading customer funds , and participating in speculative real estate “black intermediary”;

three is to crack down on illegal sales , disguised price increase , one house multi sale , Overlord clause and price fraud. And the real estate development enterprises that restrict the obstruction of the use of provident fund;

four is a false real estate advertisement to deceit and mislead home buyers by attacking the information of unrealistic housing and price information , making false promises and so on.

7 31 , the Ministry of housing announced a list of illegal and illegal real estate development enterprises and intermediaries.Drive up housing prices , “black intermediary” , cover up for sale , not approved first sale , false propaganda…… A series of illegal behaviors that infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the people and disturb the order of the real estate market have come on the list.Baoli real estate , real estate and other 20 real estate development enterprises and intermediaries also ranked in the list.

, according to CCTV , in August 7th , the Ministry of housing and construction held a symposium on the real estate work of some cities in Shenyang , Liaoning , which made further requirements for the future real estate regulation and control work in various cities , and also sent a clear signal to the market to resolutely curb the rise of housing prices: “hard work , large market volatility and failure to realize regulation and control.” The local resolute accountability of the goal”

Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Wuhan , Chengdu and other 11 cities in response to the

new longitude and latitude clients noticed that as of August 8th , the 11 cities of Foshan , Guangzhou , Lanzhou , Kunming , Hefei , Wuxi , Shenzhen , Ningbo , Ningbo , Wuhan , etc. responded to the” notifications “issued by the seven ministries and commissionsOn 9

7 , Foshan launched a special action mobilization meeting to combat the illegal activities against the interests of the masses to control the real estate market. Representatives of 36 real estate enterprises and 21 intermediary agencies signed a self-discipline commitment to resist illegal violations.

according to the report of the Guangzhou daily , in July 13th , in order to implement the work deployment of the seven ministries and commissions such as the Ministry of housing and rural construction , such as the Ministry of urban and rural construction to combat illegal and illegal behavior , and control the real estate market , Ma Wentian , vice mayor of Guangzhou , led a field inspection of some real estate projects and intermediaries in the city , and found the discovery and development. There are restrictions on the use of the accumulation fund and the incomplete information on the sales site , and the illegal behavior of the intermediary stores is not complete and the price is not marked.On 16

7 , the 9 departments of Lanzhou housing security and real estate administration , the Propaganda Department of the municipal Party committee and the Municipal Public Security Bureau jointly issued the notice on the joint launch of a special action on the control of the real estate market in the fight against illegal activities. From the middle of July to December , a joint campaign against illegal and illegal activities was carried out in the whole city. Production market chaos special action , and set up a special action leading group , set up complaints , reporting telephone.

, according to the Xinhua news agency in July 17th , the Kunming municipal housing and Urban Construction Bureau recently issued a “notice on launching a special work on the control of the real estate market against the violations of the interests of the masses.” from July this year , the real estate market has been carried out in the whole city for a period of half a year. Speculative real estate behavior and real estate “black intermediary” to standardize market order

, according to China an online report , in July 20th , in Hefei on the regulation of the real estate market illegal and illegal action meeting , the Hefei real estate administration bureau director Xu Tao and pain uncovering Hefei real estate market chaos: price extra price , exaggerated propaganda , collocation sales , intermediary violations… From the end of July to the end of December , the Hefei real estate bureau will combine the nine departments of public security , taxation and industry and commerce to carry out a special action on the management of the real estate market in the whole city.

, according to the southern evening news report , in July 27th , the Wuxi Municipal Housing Bureau led the organization of a special meeting. According to the deployment of this meeting , in view of the recent chaos in the real estate market , Wuxi will jointly enforce the law by department , heavy point to combat speculation and real estate “black intermediary” , and control the illegal and illegal real estate development enterprises Behavior and false real estate advertising in order to further rectify and standardize the order of the real estate market , improve the regulatory mechanism of the real estate market , and effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the people.On 31

7 , the Shenzhen municipal planning and Land Resources Committee issued the notice on Further Strengthening the control of real estate to promote the steady and healthy development of the real estate market.It is mentioned that the Shenzhen real estate authorities will further strengthen the rectification of the market. The joint market supervision , public security and propaganda departments will carry out the special action against the real estate market , and crack down on the real estate development enterprises , intermediaries , media malicious speculation and false information. Disrupting the order of the real estate market and other illegal acts

8 1 , in view of the recent real estate market disorder , the Ningbo Municipal Construction Commission issued a notice on the official network , which was decided from July 2018 to the end of December with the eight departments of the Propaganda Department of the Ningbo municipal Party committee of the Communist Party of China , the Ningbo Public Security Bureau , the Ningbo Municipal Administration of justice and so on. Speculative real estate behavior and real estate “black intermediary” , governance of real estate development enterprises illegal behavior and false real estate advertising.

8 3 , 3 , the real estate market in the real estate market to promote the conference , 9 municipal departments , the District People’s government , industry associations , developers and brokerage agencies to participate in the joint meeting , will send cloth “Wuhan municipal real estate market chaos special action implementation plan”According to the action implementation plan , the key renovation mainly includes four aspects , namely speculation housing , real estate “black intermediary” illegal and illegal behavior , real estate development enterprise illegal and illegal behavior , false real estate advertisement

8 8 , from the Chengdu housing administration , from the end of December 2018 , the Chengdu housing administration , the Municipal Construction Commission , the city development and Reform Commission and other 11 departments will be in the city , in view of “speculative housing behavior” , “real estate ‘black intermediary” illegal behavior ” ,” real estate development enterprises illegal behavior ” ,” false ” ,” “False real estate advertising” to carry out special rectification actions in real estate market order

, also in August 8th , the Hangzhou Housing Management Bureau said on the official website that the eight departments of the joint market supervision , public security and prices have issued a notice on the special action on the control of the real estate market against the violations and violations of the interests of the masses , focusing on speculating speculation , false information and falsehood. Housing release behaviorFrom July to the end of December 2018 , a special action to crack down on violations of laws and regulations infringing on the interests of the masses and to control chaos in the real estate market was jointly launched in the whole city.

Sample observation of the property market: developers take off enthusiasm Sichuan three or four tier city property market or cooling

Meishan public resource trading center issued a notice in the afternoon of August 7th , causing widespread concern in the real estate industry.

this is called “2018 (S) — 1 , 2 of the time delay announcement of the auction” said that the land auction , originally set in the morning of August 8th , will be postponed from 20 to August 28th.

although officials did not announce the delay , several real estate professionals interviewed by the twenty-first Century economic reporter said that the three or four line urban soil racket that has been booming since 2016 is going to be cool in the context of the current slowdown in the real estate market.< p > < p > Meishan Earthbeat Delay < / P > < p > < strong > Meishan City , located in the southwest of Chengdu Plain , has attracted much attention in the real estate market in recent years.At the end of

2015 , Meishan was able to advance the local real estate in stock , subsidized the farmers’ purchase , and received multi department approval including the Ministry of housing and construction. In addition , because of the close distance between Meishan and the Chengdu main city area , and the advantages of the part of the Tianfu NEW area and the Meishan expansion zone in the Sichuan free trade area , in Chengdu , the city was in Chengdu. Under the influence of “limited price and limited purchase” in the main city , Meishan has been in a hot sales situation in recent two years.

from the statistics of data analysis from the real estate data analysis agency showed that in 2016 , the average price of land transaction in Meishan was 1 million 65 thousand and 200 yuan per mu , and in 2017 it was 2 million 639 thousand and 900 yuan / mu , up 147.8%. The average floor land price was from 700 yuan /&#13217 to 1961 yuan /㎡ the growth rate was up to 180% , the average premium rate increased from 5.04% in 2016. The length is 67.03%

not only Meishan , Sichuan , a number of three or four line cities , land sales revenue has seen rapid growth.Sichuan province Neijiang Finance Bureau announced that the first half of 2018 Neijiang land sales revenue increased by — &#8212 , the city’s land transfer revenue completed 75.7% of the year plan , 3.3 times the same period last year , close to the completion of last yearIn the first half of this year , Neijiang completed 682 million yuan of land sales revenue , up by 996.5% , and completed 137.9% of the budget.

, behind the hot land market , is the hot local real estate market.In the 21st century , economic reporters inquired about the prices of several county-level cities in Sichuan Province , the prices in 2018 were more than 100% higher than those in 2016.

“the three or four main cities of Sichuan province have risen from 2016 to the present , and the main reasons include two aspects.Internally , the opening of the two – child policy , the stimulus of the national housing reform policy , and the entry of the national property developers are all factors pushing up the housing prices in these cities , “an analyst at an unnamed real estate consultancy told the twenty-first Century economic reporter ,” from the outside , it is a national property market rebound. ” As a result , especially after the price and purchase restrictions in the main urban areas of Chengdu began in 2017 , a large number of real estate developers began to turn to third-and fourth-tier urban demand opportunities.After the

market entered the next half of the year ,

entered August , and several signals showed that the real estate enterprises in the three or four line city of Sichuan were enthusiastic or will be reduced.

, in addition to a soil pat in Meishan , communicated with several people who had commercial real estate projects in the three or four line city of Sichuan province. In twenty-first Century , economic reporter learned that in the second half of the year , the general attitude of real estate companies in the second half was “cautiously taking the ground , having to reach a controllable profit level , and accelerating it at the same time.” Obtain the pre empowerment license and strive for the fund to return to the cage.

, a head of land department in a three line city in Sichuan Province , also felt the change , he said , “our communication with the real estate developers has been clearly felt , their enthusiasm is fading , and some of the real estate companies I know have made it clear that the three quarter of this year will no longer be taken.””

” in the past , we think that high speed rail will be beneficial to the real estate market of three or four line cities , but through our investigation , we found that some three or four line cities are affected by the siphon effect of the first tier cities , and thus the current traffic trajectory is still a double-edged sword , “said the analyst of the above real estate advisory body.

“starting from 2016 , the demand for people in three or four line cities , and the demand for buyers in the central city has been fully satisfied. We judge that the demand for the three or four line cities is basically saturated , the real estate market is in the second half , and the future can continue to maintain a steady growth , the key is the local area. Whether the resident population and industrial development can support rising housing prices , a housing company official said.

< P > As far as the permanent population is concerned , although a survey conducted by the Sichuan Bureau of Statistics in March this year showed that the permanent population in the province has been growing steadily since 2011In 2017 , the number of permanent residents who had entered Chengdu from outside the province reached 466 thousand.

but according to the incomplete statistics of the economic reporter in twenty-first Century , the growth of permanent residents in some areas was still slow at the end of 2017. For example , the permanent population of Bazhong was increased by 5300 in the end of 2017 , 6700 in Neijiang , 2200 in Xichang and 500 in Panzhihua , while the permanent population of Ya’an at the end of the 2017 year was the same. Reduction of 1900 people

industry , the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of Statistics said in the first half of 2018 , the economic situation analysis meeting , pointed out that “some cities and state economic indicators of a larger drop or even a decline in problems should be paid attention to.”Twenty-first Century economic news reporter noted that this is the first time in recent years , the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of statistics on the state of the state of the state of the economy of the public statement.

, in particular , the economic indicators of some municipalities have fallen , mainly referring to Panzhihua’s economic indicators in the first half of the year (GDP , industrial added value , per capita disposable income of urban residents , per capita disposable income of rural residents , fixed assets investment , industrial investment) , and Neijiang and Liangshan. Investment in fixed assets

but at the same time , the first half of Panzhihua real estate appeared “development investment and sales two” — — the city’s real estate development investment increased by 49.1% , the sales area of commercial housing increased by 41.8% , for 22 months to achieve growth.

“the factor of the rise in the Panzhihua real estate market , the first is that compared with the neighboring Xichang , in the lower range , the second is the health investment driven” , the former economic reporter interviewed by the twenty-first Century real estate analyst said , “but the urban economic development can continue to be driven by the land policy , is a matter of concern.”

“a large number of three or four line cities in China have a single industrial structure , a sustained outflow of population , and a lack of support for a long-term rise in housing prices. This is one of the risk factors for the future of the real estate market in these areas ,” Liu Lu , vice professor of Economics School of Southwestern University of Finance and Economics , said to economic reports in twenty-first Century.

Resources to leading housing prices concentrated 28 housing prices before July sales increased by nearly 40%

< p > As of August 8 , 28 housing companies , including A-share and Hong Kong stock markets , announced their sales figures for the previous July. The cumulative sales amounted to 2 ,434 billion yuan , up 38% year on year.Compared with the 36.5% increase in 1-6 months , the sales growth of the above 28 housing companies accelerated.Overall , benchmarking enterprises completed the annual sales task 55%Under the trend of concentrating funds and brand resources to leading housing enterprises , becoming the mainstream choice of Housing enterprisesDriven by sales data from leading housing companies and optimistic expectations of credit policies , recent housing prices rose.

second tier growth strong

affected by seasonal factors , some housing prices in July sales fell.As part of the second , third echelon housing sales surge , making the 28 Housing enterprises overall sales in July showed an accelerating growth trend.

Biguiyuan , Hengda and Vanke are still in the leading position of the first tier.The sales amount of contract rights and interests was about 347 billion 510 million yuan , up 44.62% in 1-7 months , and the construction area of contract rights and interests was about 36 million 730 thousand square meters , up 33.08% over the same period.Bassia garden only announced the previous July rights and interests sales data

< p > In the previous July , Vanke realized the total contract sales amount of 349.8 billion yuan , the contract sales area of 234.22 million square meters , an increase of 11.85% and 10.6% respectively.China Evergrande has accumulated about 344.84 billion yuan in contract sales , an increase of 19.6% over the same period last year , and a total contract sales area of 32.819 million square meters.The average sale price is 10507 yuan per square meter.

< P > In the second and third echelons , sales of 14 housing enterprises , including Rongchuang China , Newtown Holdings , Shimao Real Estate and Zhongnan Construction , grew by more than 50% year on year in July.Among them , the growth rate of new town holdings , China Jinmao and model year increased by more than 100% , 106.05% , 187.6% and 123.16% respectively.The average selling price is about 10000 yuan per square meter during the growth period.This shows that the three or four line city project is still the main starting point for the performance growth of the housing enterprises.

gold , gold business and sunshine 100 sales in July slightly declined compared with the previous year.It is noteworthy that the decline in sales performance in the early period of the real estate companies with new projects into the market as well as the drive to increase , the decline in performance year-on-year significantly narrowed the scope of the decline.In July , sales in the year before July declined by 4% , while in the previous May it was 27%.In May , sales in the first half of the year were down 16.5% compared with the previous year. Now the company has returned to growth. Sales in July increased by 41.3% over the same period last year.

< p > real estate enterprises take the initiative

< p > Central Plains real estate chief analyst Zhang Dawei said that on the whole , the trend of the scale of Housing enterprises is intensified , differentiation is becoming more and more obvious.At present , the second tier cities have greater regulatory pressure , but the three or four tier cities are refreshing the record.In this case , a large number of medium-sized benchmarking enterprises actively take the place and push the market.Under the trend of concentrating funds and brand resources to leading housing enterprises , becoming the mainstream choice of Housing enterprises

Zhongyuan Real Estate Research Center statistics show that housing prices take positive data.As of July 23rd , only statistics of the amount of interest in the auction market , 50 Housing enterprises together to take 10940 billion yuan.Among them , there were 19 houses with more than 20 billion yuan.Since 2018 , the capital chain of the real estate industry has tightened , but housing prices have not risen.Biguiyuan , Vanke , Poly Real estate , Longhu group and other companies take the amount of money before the scale.

information from Vanke and Poly Real estate shows that both companies have recently increased their strength.In July , 33 new projects were added , and 20 new projects were added in the same period last year. The new projects were 8 million 484 thousand square meters in addition to 8 million 484 thousand square meters , 32% in the same period , 160 in 1-7 months , and 101 in the same period last year.In June , a total of 70 new projects were gained in Pauli real estate , with a new plan area of 15 million 150 thousand parties , a year-on-year increase of 36% , a total land price of 106 billion 600 million yuan , a year-on-year increase of 106% , and an average floor land price of 7038 yuan / square meters.

in pursuit of high turnover background , housing enterprises increased the push rate.CIC data show that in the first three weeks of July , the cumulative volume of 10 key cities increased by 73.1% over the same period last year.Golden group announcement shows that the company plans 8-9 or 49 new projects.The projects are mainly distributed in cities such as Beijing , Guangzhou , Nanjing , Wuhan and Shenyang.The performance of

listed companies has been better

according to the shin level industry classification , 55 listed companies have announced the first half of the performance forecast , the new light round , green holding and Poly Real Estate 3 companies announced the performance expressAs a whole , pre hi enterprises reach 32 , and the proportion of pre hi enterprises is close to 60%.From the performance of listed real estate enterprises , most of the listed real estate enterprises which focus on the real estate industry and have sufficient project reserves have achieved performance growth.Companies with declining performance or even loss are mainly concentrated in enterprises that fail to achieve transformation or suffer systemic risks.

Hong Hong shares , China Fang shares , Guangdong Hong Yuan A and other 5 housing prices are expected to lose in the first half.The product structure and regional layout of Hong Hong share and Guangdong Hong Yuan A are influenced by regulatory policies.The share of Hong Kong is more serious , the company is expected to lose 1 billion 400 million yuan in the first half of the year , mainly due to the stagnation of sales of the company’s commercial projects and the tide of refunds. The sales of residential projects have fallen sharply and the profit of the company’s real estate projects has fallen sharply compared with the same period of last year. The step aggravated the lossThe announcement shows that the sum of the principal and interest accumulated by the Hong Kong stock and its subsidiaries is about 4 billion 627 million yuan.At present , the company is through the transfer of assets and equity to tide over the crisis.And Guangdong Hong Yuan A performance was affected by the Dongguan restriction policy , and sales were not as good as expected.At the same time , part of the project has not reached the condition of sales confirmationThe company is expected to lose 28 million -4000 million in the first half of the year

housing projects with abundant reserves and reasonable distribution mostly achieve substantial growth in performance.The world’s 22 listed housing companies , such as Shi Rong Zhao , Zhong Tong real estate , expect net profits to double in the first half of the year.Wang Sheng , an analyst at Shen Wan Hongyuan , believes that the profitability of the company is still the main line of 2018.Real estate market sales scale high consolidation , overlay industry concentration degree , leading housing enterprises sales growth continued to be high.Due to the high quality settlement value of Housing enterprises in 2017 -2018 , the performance will maintain a good growth momentum.

Whose name is it before buying a house before marriage?

Shortly before

, the Liuhe court of Nanjing handled a case of real right confirmation dispute.

Qian (male) and Xu (female) before marriage , money a mother for two prospective newcomers to buy a set of housing , housing registration in Xu’s name , and in her name for housing mortgage loan

but this marriage didn’t last longAfter four years of marriage , the two parties proposed a divorceQian believed that the house should be the common property of both sides , while Xu insisted that the house was his personal property.In order to make it clear that the house is owned jointly by both sides , Qian took Xu to court and demanded that the property be confirmed to be owned jointly by both sides according to law.The

court , after the trial , thinks that the parents for the marriage of the parties before the marriage of the parties to invest in the purchase of housing , the parties after marriage after the loan , registered in the name of the spouse of the children of the investor , should be considered as a gift to the parties to the parties , the house should be identified as the common property of the husband and wife.

reason is as follows:

I , the two parties are about to conclude the marriage relationship parents for children to invest in the purchase of the objective premise of the child’s spouse’s name , it is because both sides are coming into the marriage hall , parents will be It is agreed to register the capital purchase house in the name of the spouse of their children. The real intention of the parents is to buy a house for their children and to live together for their children and their spouses after marriage. Their contribution should be a common gift to their children and their spouses;

two , although the house is registered under the name of the spouse of the child , the house is identified as a child’s match. On the other hand , it is obviously not in accordance with the real intention of the parent as a contributor. The spouse of the child claims that the parents’ contribution should be proved to be a proof of their unilateral donation;

three , the housing ownership is clearly inconsistent with the objective facts of the house registration under the name of the child’s spouse. The attribution should be considered in combination with the actual status of the actual registration of ownership;

four , identified as the common property of husband and wife conforms to the psychological expectation of the ownership of the property rights of the husband and wife when they buy a house. Considering that the housing is registered under the name of the spouse , the loan of the husband and wife’s common property is the common life during the relationship between the couple. It is also more appropriate to identify the purchased property as a couple’s common property.

before marriage marriage , the property card to write whose name , has been stalks in the mouth of a thorn in the mouth of a thorn.In addition to legal and emotional factors , parental involvement can often be extremely complicated and confusing for some young couples.

underneath to help you sort out the choice and results of the names on five real estate cards:

1 writes the name of “husband and wife” ,

, the view of most lovers , especially girls.They believed that since the house was bought for marriage and they would be living in the future , the names of the lovers should be written.

< P > If this scheme is adopted , the house will be deemed to be the joint property of the husband and wife , and the loan will be deemed to be the joint debt of the husband and wife.If there is no “debit” and other evidence , parents’ contribution will also be identified as two husband and wife , to both sides , if divorced , parents do not have the right to return money for money.

but if the “matrimonial husband and wife” did not register the marriage after the purchase , it was a breakup , then the “quasi marriage room” would still be identified as the common property of both sides , and the loan was also the common debt of both sides.

2 wrote the parents’ name

. This is the view of many men’s parents.They think , although the house is bought for marriage , but after all , the lovers have not yet registered , and some of them have to wait for more than a year to make a room , and then how to break upBesides , the first payment is made by the parents , and the lovers do not have much investment , so their parents’ names are also relatively safe.

if this scheme is adopted , the house will be identified as the property of the parent , the loan is also recognized as the parent’s debt , and the corresponding value added or devaluation is also enjoyed by or borne by the parents.But if both husband and wife pay the loan after marriage after marriage , if the two parties are divorced , the party can not stand for the house , but the principal and interest of the paid loan can be regarded as a loan to the parents , and the parents will be returned and divided on average.It is also common for

3 to write the name of the man and his parents ,

, often because the men’s parents have all the first payment , and the future loan is mainly dependent on the men’s income , which should be regarded as the property of the men’s house.

if this scheme is adopted , the house will be identified as the common property of the man and his parents , and the loan is also recognized as their common debt. The corresponding value added or devaluation is shared or undertaken by them.

< P > and the man’s share of the corresponding property rights belongs to pre-marital personal property , which , under the new Marriage Law , is not a joint result of marriage.But if the married couple use their marriage income to repay the loan , if the two parties are divorced , the woman can not stand for the house , but the principal and interest of the paid loan can be regarded as the common property of the husband and wife , and the man and his parents will be returned and divided on average.The legal consequences of the registration of property rights under the name of the woman and her parents are also so.

4 writes the name of both parents and “quasi husband and wife” ,

many people think that it is better to register all the people on the property certificate than that , so that everyone has the right , fair and reasonable.

in this case , the property is the property owned by the family.In divorce proceedings , it is not suitable to be divided into husband and wife common property.

5 only writes the name of the man or the woman ,

1 , and the family on one or the other side of the “husband and wife” to bear all the money alone , in order to avoid the unnecessary trouble due to the involvement of the parents after marriage , many lovers choose such a case.This situation needs to be analyzed from two angles:

one: one parent or one party’s parents contribute only to the name of the children of the party. According to the provisions of the new marriage law , this belongs to the personal property of the children of the child. After marriage , it will not be automatically converted to the property of the husband and wife. If a divorce occurs , the property is still subordinate to the property. In the original property owner;

2: the parents of one party or one party , but registered under the name of the other party who are not funded , the court is usually identified as a conditional gift , and the house shall be judged in accordance with the agreement between the two parties.

2 , in the “quasi husband and wife” or the family of one party to bear the first payment , after marriage and husband and wife joint loan , should also be analyzed from two angles:

one: one party or one party’s parents capital , only registered in the name of the child , the two parties to the joint loan , regarded as the pre marital property of the child. In the case of a divorce , the principal and interest of a paid loan may be regarded as the common property of the husband and wife and split up.

2: the parents of one party or one party are funded by the parents of the other party and are registered under the name of the other party who have not been invested. The joint property of the couple is regarded as the common property of both men and women.

source: online

of the Jiangsu administration of Justice

The best way to buy a house in December? Listen to what the people in the industry say!

buying a house is a topic that people can’t escape in the city. No one is willing to live a renting life for a lifetime. There is a house of his own , no matter the size , it has his own real home.It’s not easy to do well to buy a house. First of all , you have to take a good time , as an ordinary working person , maybe you can save enough money to save a house’s first payment. Once you have made a mistake , the decision will fall into an endless “abyss” , so you shouldn’t know nothing about buying a house.

small editor first take you to clear the whole year of the purchase of the “timetable” , buyers can make a reference according to their own situation:

1-2 month: the annual Spring Festival is usually in 1 , February , due to climate and traditional festivals. The reason is that the property market has entered the off-season for a year , and the supply of developers has decreased.But there will be a discount for some real estate.

3-4 month: usher in the first round of the Spring Festival volume , supply increased significantly , the property market ushered in the first half of the small climax.Cautious buyers and sellers are making a lot of efforts. This is the so-called “golden four silver”.In 2018 , 3-4 months , a lot of the country’s two or three lines of urban housing prices rose higher;

5-6 month: developers need performance summary , real estate supply increased , the overall turnover increased , the price tends to smooth or rise.

7-8 month: enter the heat , the property market also entered the traditional off-season , housing buyers have reduced significantly , the sales center is more idle , generally speaking will tend to a stable or small decline , both buyers and sellers are in the viewing period;

9-10 month: the property market “gold nine silver ten” name is not falseThis period of time formally entered the peak season of real estate sales , there will be a large number of new housing sources into the market , and the house enterprises will blossom , but the price rise is more likely.

11-12 month: the developers will launch the year-end “special price” and “year-end discount” and other promotional activities , combined with the return of home buyers , the property property market maintains a higher purchase enthusiasm and turnover in accordance with the old property market. Not diminished

So , which time is the best time to buy a house?

1 , new housing for the first time when the opening of the

developers of real estate projects are large volume , large investment , installment development in installment sales abound , some property owners have been in for several years , after several periods to open to meet the selection of the houseAs we all know , a phased project will definitely sell more expensive than a phased one , and even if the property market is stable , the price will rise with accommodation and word of mouth.Therefore , it is very important to grasp the first opening of large-scale projects , as the first “debut” , will be more preferential strength , better quality.

2 , the end of the year , the Spring Festival before buying a good purchase of

in front of the purchase schedule also mentioned , before the end of the year to the Spring Festival , the developer will launch promotional activities for the “home home” crowd , the white-collar also have relatively free time and relaxed mood to focus on room , room selection.At the end of the year , developers also want to clear inventory as soon as possible. If you have enough patience and care , it is possible to choose a more cost-effective house in this period of time.

3 , the purchase of the rear disk to be careful

part of the developer to get the target profit to make some special price , discount promotion , the budget is not enough buyers can choose this type of house sourceBut you should pay attention , the tail is often toward , lighting , floor or apartment is poor , if you buy , it is necessary to reduce their expectations , calm the mentality , as long as the price ratio is determined to start with it.Of course , if the quality of the property itself is “hard” , do not covet a cheap time.

4 , to grasp the new deal with the introduction of

in the previous two years , the real estate market turmoil , the state of the new deal on the sale of real estate is also frequently introduced , and more stringent.Generally speaking , the market may have a short period of “refrigeration” after the new deal is issued. This time is a good time for the buyers to enter the market. The policy tends to be inclined to them. The new regulation policy will buy a house in half a year. It may get a lower price in this band.

finally , the small editor also reminds you of the buyers , do not be superstitious “low price” instead of ignoring the quality of the house itself , hope everyone can find a house suitable for their own needs.

source: Hawk Eye room

Master these seven, the moonlight clan can also buy a house willfully!

< p > Nowadays , more and more young people are facing the important event of buying a house. When they get married , they gradually become the main force of buying a house.But buying a house requires a lot of money , which is a great expense for young people accustomed to “Moonlight”.Then , how can “moonlight clan” buy the right room?This is a detailed introduction to you today.

Tips 1: first choice for small family

in fact , the young people do not need to buy a big house in place , this will only increase the burden of the family , the young people think that young people can consider the purchase of 50 to 80 square meters of small units , such as: one room or a small two.In addition , the small apartment can also be used as a transitional house , when the future income increases and the housing conditions can be improved , the small apartment is also better rented out , which can also be rented and raised.

secret two: rational choice of mortgage mode

“Moonlight family” in the choice of mortgage mode , it is not appropriate to urgently seek out the loan as soon as possible and overcharge the daily living expensesXiaobian suggested that if you have provident fund , then strive to use the provident fund , because it can save a lot of interest.

in addition , buyers should think of mortgage buying as a means of spending money , rational and objective choice of the most suitable way of mortgage , to develop a suitable repayment plan.

secret three: the average price is only a reference , and the key question is to ask the quasi difference price

to the sales office. In fact , the house buyer wants to know the house price most , but we must know the difference between the average price and the actual price.Because of the promotional materials in the building , most of the prices are equal or the lowest price of the house , and the real estate you see is often higher than the average price.When you ask why the real price of a house is so different from the average price , the home consultant will surely fool you with all sorts of reasons.

< P > Therefore , the small edition suggests that we should not ask the average price when we go to the sales department , but focus on asking the standard price difference , including floor price difference , building price difference , household type price difference.The difference is clear , buyers can choose according to their own economic strength.As for the starting price , in fact , there is not much practical significance , just to attract the attention of buyers.

secret four: must see five certificates ,

five certificates are the legal symbol of the house , developers have to have these five certificates to have a sales qualification

five certificates include: “commercial housing sales (pre sale) license” , “construction project construction license” , “construction project planning license” , “construction land planning license” and “state-owned land use certificate”

secrets five: to understand the reputation of the developer

“Moonlight family” before buying a house , to know the reputation of the developer as much as possible , to search the name of the developer on the Internet , to inquire about the development of the project before the developer , or to obtain the reputation of the developers through some forums , only with a certain degree of credit development. Business , the quality of the project can be developed

secret six: look at the key to select the key

“Moonlight family” in the inspection project matching , should start from the actual needs , for example , many people are not accustomed to cooking every day , it should be concerned about whether there is a suitable meal around the community. A restaurant or a convenient supermarket can solve the problem of eating. Some young people are busy working and their lives are irregular. So if there is a hospital near the project , it will be more convenient.

tips seven: a good property

good property is the primary guarantee in our life. If one has trouble finding the property , but no one pays attention to it , there will be a lot of trouble.Therefore , before buying a house , we must carefully inspect the service quality of Wuguan company.

finally , the small editor here reminds you of the “Moonlight family” , and it is very important for the moonlight family to learn to “start and save money”. It is also the key to the financial management and the key to the purchase.

When buying a loan, half of these 4 gold coins are pitfalls.

many people only know how much down payment they want to pay when they buy a house. How much do they pay for their mortgage?But I don’t know how to calculate some unintelligible amount , and even how to collect some fundamentally illegal fees.

then , what kind of “gold” need to be paid in the mortgage loan?What kind of “gold” is unlawful

There are four gold in the mortgage charges , which are the four gold.

1. The deposit

deposit is also called a deposit , and a certain amount of money paid before the contract is subscribed or the contract is performed as a guarantee.The payment of the deposit can not be refundedThe amount of the deposit should not exceed 20% of the amount of the main contract , which means that it is illegal to ask the applicant for the mortgage to exceed the amount of the deposit.

minor reminding: the deposit can not be refunded

the parties may agree to pay a deposit to the other party as a guarantee for the creditor’s rights.

after the debtor performs the debt , the deposit shall be used as a price or a recovery.

the party who pays the deposit does not have the right to ask for the return of the deposit.

if a party receiving a deposit fails to perform the stipulated debts , it shall double the deposit.

two , deposit

deposit is also called advance paymentAfter the preliminary agreement is reached , the two sides further negotiate and sign a provisional subscription agreement , the purchase of the house to pay the deposit will be obtained in the period of the preemptive right.Unlike the “deposit” , the deposit is refundableBefore the subscription agreement is signed , the room number , area , unit price and total price shall be agreed.Where the contract has not been fulfilled , the advance payment shall be returned originally , regardless of whether the payment party breaches the contract or the receiver breaches the contract.

minor reminding: the deposit is refundable

deposit is not protected by law , and earnest money is protected by law.

deposit is returned by a single return , and the deposit should be doubled back when it is returned.

three , recognition of gold

home buyers show the sincerity of buying a house , which needs to be reflected by paying the “raise funds”.After paying the recognition fee , the buyers get the preemptive right of the house and enjoy a certain degree of discount on the house price.Wait until the official opening of the property market , “recognize chips” buyers can choose the “priority” in the order of housing.However , according to the regulations , any form of subscription is the developer in the pre-sale license before the illegal activities , is prohibited by the state explicitly.

minor reminding: there is no legal effect on Financing

real estate developers most of the early recognition of the “Mirror Flower” , “water month ,” looks very beautiful , but in fact there are many unexpected huge risks , such as postponed opening , raising house prices , unable to supervise and so on , we must polish eyes to avoid loss.

four , sincerity gold

sincerity gold also means gold.In the contract between the intermediaries and the buyers and sellers , many of them are reflected.The small amount paid by the buyers is a spontaneous action of the parties , and the “gold” payment can be directly used as a housing payment.The amount of money to be paid should be freely agreed by the parties.When

buyers pay sincere gold , they should pay special attention to the expression of the written agreement and the integrity of the receipt of the receipt , and be vigilant for the early collection of sincere gold.If the real estate has been unable to obtain the pre sale certificate or the risk of bad end , the break of the capital chain of the housing enterprise may make the buyer in the awkward situation of the money unable to return.

above four gold members of the buyers in the application of loans to buy a house , must be clear eyes to see clearly , do not be careless into the trap , let oneself suffer a loss